Byron Breakfast Smoothie

Tim and I met in Byron Bay in 2001… 10 years later we went back to get married and it remains to be one of our favourite places on Earth.  Back then Phoenix ran the juice bar on Jonson Street, he blended frozen fruit with yoghurt and added hits of wheatgrass, it was a revelation to us then, a hangover cure, a mid morning high, lunch, breakfast and a job!

The smoothie below is a little taste of Byron Sunshine, and to borrow Phoenix’s words “delicious and nutritious… Mmmmm”

Ingredients for 1 smoothie:

1 banana (fresh or frozen)

1 handful frozen blueberries

slug of Good Oil

top up with rice milk for a smoothie, or blend with Greek style yoghurt for a frozen yoghurt dessert


Add the ingredients to your blender and enjoy!

Using frozen berries and bananas makes all the difference. I freeze fresh berries, and chop and freeze very ripe bananas to save them. The smoothie stays thick and cold because of the frozen fruit, and a slug of hemp oil adds some essential fats to the smoothie, a little homage to the hemp loving hippies of Byron Bay!

Lauren x

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