A Sparkly, Crunchy Mixture of Glue, Glitter, Flour and Sugar…

Chocolate Ginger Cookies
Chocolate Ginger Cookies

This was written a while ago, but I just came across it in my recipe book… It made me smile so thought I’d share, I’ll post my version of the soup eventually, but the link below is to the Able & Cole recipe I took inspiration from…

It’s pouring rain outside, it was pouring yesterday too, so much that the kitchen roof started leaking… Leo is 6 and Gwen is 4 and we’re in week one of the school summer holidays… To say we’re going stir crazy is an understatement!

My utility room is full of cardboard for junk modelling and there’s a sparkly crunchy mixture of glue, glitter, sugar and flour all over the kitchen floor… We’ve just finished  a lunch of Broccoli, Cheddar and Walnut soup followed by chocolate ginger cookies. Made by Gwen and I mainly to soothe a row over cheating in snakes and ladders!

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