Chocolate Ginger Biscuits

Chocolate Ginger Cookies
Chocolate Ginger Cookies

Not strictly speaking ‘whole food’… But homemade treats always feel virtuous next to shop bought ones, and labouring over them gives me a real sense that I’ve earned it. These biscuits are hard like ginger nuts, and slightly moreish!!!

Ingredients to make approx 18 cookies:

100 grams salted butter

100 grams golden caster sugar

100 grams golden syrup

200 grams self raising flour

3 tsps ground ginger

150 grams 70% dark cooking chocolate (I like green and blacks)

150 grams chopped stem ginger


1. Melt the butter, syrup and sugar in a pan

2. Roughly chop the chocolate and stem ginger

3. Mix the flour and ground ginger in a large bowl, and pour in the butter mixture.

4. Add the chocolate and stem ginger. The chocolate will melt because the butter mixture is still warm but if you have some larger chunks they should stay whole.

5. Once you’ve formed a soft dough, roll small balls (just smaller than a golf ball) in your hands and flatten down on to grease proof paper on a baking tray.

6. Cook in a pre-heated oven at 180degrees for 10-12 minutes. Be careful not to catch the edges, they don’t taste good even slightly burnt!

Lauren x

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