My Boy’s Morning Milkshake

My gorgeous boy enjoying his milkshake before school...
My gorgeous boy enjoying his milkshake before school…

‘Mummy can I make a milkshake’, ‘mummy can I make a smoothie’?  Depending on how tired I am at 6am when he’s asking, my feelings tend to vary from ‘oh the mess’ to ‘milkshake what?’ to ‘wow he’s so creative’!  Either way, he’s keen to be creative with food, which will serve him well in the long term, in fact it serves him well already!  So more recently it’s been ‘mummy can we add it to the food blog’, ‘mummy when can i have a food blog of my own’?  So – this is his post!  He’ll be eagerly awaiting feedback, and no doubt I’ll be checking every 5 seconds that he asks!  Let us know how you like it!


1 handful frozen blueberries

1 handful frozen raspeberries

150 mls milk

150 apple juice


1. Add the ingredients to a blender jug.

2. Blend until smooth.

3. Enjoy!

Simple, and very tasty!

A delicious berry delight...
A delicious berry delight…

I’m pretty sure there will be more where this came from too…

Enjoy the extra hour in bed everyone…(That’s if you don’t have children who woke up at 5am instead of 6am this morning)

Happy Sunday!

Lauren x

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3 thoughts on “My Boy’s Morning Milkshake

      1. So wonderful! I think it’s so beneficial to teach children about cooking/healthy eating early on! 🙂

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