Superfood makes Superheroes, Quick Fix Pasta & Home made Pesto

So Italian with that lid?!  Some jars were made for pesto!

Pesto pasta is a regular 5pm meal fix in our house.  Especially when we get home at 4.30, after football, ballet or an afternoon at the park.  I usually grate a bowlful of cheese on the side and add a bowl of pitted green olives.


This week I found a bumper stock of reduced fresh coriander in the supermarket.  Needless to say, I nabbed it all… decided to make a coriander pesto and put the rest in the freezer for later… So here’s my coriander pesto recipe!  Of course if Basil is on offer ’round your way, nab that up instead!  And remember… all that green goodness is what we like to call superfood, and superfood makes superheroes don’t you know!

Ingredients (fills a 14oz / 324ml Jam Jar):

80g Fresh Coriander

60g hard cheese, such as parmesan

60g olive oil

60g pine nuts

pinch of pepper (taste before adding salt as the cheese is already salty)

2 cloves garlic


Quick fix 5pm meal…

1. Chop the coriander and add to a food processor (a small blade is needed to make a fine pesto).

2. Finely grate the cheese in to the processor, add the olive oil, pinenuts and a pinch of salt.  Blend until smooth (or your preferred texture).

3.  Taste the pesto and add salt if required, depending on the cheese you use it could already be salty enough.  Blend again if you’ve added salt.

4. Spoon in to a clean jar (straight from the dishwasher is ideal), cover with additional olive oil, seal the lid and store in the fridge for around a week.

5. This pesto can also be frozen in an ice tray and used as required to increase storage time.

6. Serve over pasta, baked on chicken, or on toast for lunch!

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