Wild about Garlic (that’s Wild Garlic)…Recipe Share…

Wild Garlic beside the River Mole in Surrey

If you go down to the woods today, and follow your nose along the river bank, you might notice the pungent smell of wild garlic wafting through the air.  You’ll see it in all it’s woodland growing green glory, carpeting the banks of the river Mole, deep in the woods…  It’s a fairy-tale food, and it’s free!  It’s coming in to season now and it’s so worth hunting down…  So if you’re out walking or feel like an adventure, keep your noses peeled and collect the green leaves (not the bulbs) for use as you would any seasonal herb or garlic!  The flowers are edible too, but as with any herb, it’s most pungent, tender and tasty just before it flowers.  Not only that it’s quite literally a superhero amongst foods.

My lovely Twitter folk friends have shared their favourite wild garlic recipes with me, so here they are for you, and of course if you have any recipes to share, please link them in the comments below… My own adventures with wild garlic and recipes will follow…

Wild Garlic Pesto Hummus by Louise-Claire Cayzer at ‘Poppy & the Bees’.  Not just a delicious sounding recipe, but a beautiful site for allotment holders, bee keepers and foodies alike.

An English Pesto by ‘Grab your Spoon’. There’s a great recipe for pesto using wild garlic here along with suggestions for use with Lamb, in mashed potato and bruscetta.

Wild Garlic Pasta Sauce by ‘Netherton Foundry’. This is a really simple passata using wild garlic.  Not only that check out the beautiful range of spun iron cookware, woks, slow cookers and more, all made in Britain (highly covetable)!

Wild Garlic Dumplings also by ‘Netherton Foundry’.

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  1. Oh, I’m crazy for the wild garlic. For free and just soooo good! Such a pity I have trouble finding it here in the Netherlands… :0(

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