Super Greens Soup for a Flourishing Gut Garden…

imageThis is a flourishing bowl of gut repair…Packed with leafy greens  This is a soup recipe which carries masses of food to feed your good gut bacteria.  Scientifically speaking, good gut bacteria feed on a sugar molecule known as ‘SQ’ and guess what, there’s loads of it in green leafy veg!  And the benefit to you, is that if your gut bacteria is in good shape, then your health probably is too… There just isn’t space or food for the bad bacteria to grow… So go on, cultivate the good stuff.. nourish your gut garden with super greens!  There’s nourishment too, in the chicken bone broth this soup is blended with… And although the bone broth fashion bubble is well and truly burst… the truth is, that broth has been made for centuries, and will continue to flavour soups, stews and sundries for centuries more… and what’s more, it’s economical and means no waste…


Simmering Souper Greens!

1 large leek

1 large carrot

4 leaves cavolo nero

4 large kale leaves

100g spinach

4 small potatoes

1 cup bone broth

1.2l vegetable stock

1/2 tsp sea salt

Olive oil


1) Heat a splash of olive oil in a large pan on the hob.

2) Chop all the veg, simmer for a few minutes and add the bone broth.

3) Stir and add the vegetable stock.

4) Simmer for around 20 minutes until all the veg is tender.

5) Blend and serve with a splash of tamari.

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