Charity Yoga Garden Party in aid of Mind

Those of you close to me will know that mental health awareness is an issue close to my own heart.  Those of you less close to me may be aware of my interest in the subject via blog posts and facebook news updates.  Students of mine will be familiar with our work around simply noticing our states of mind, emotional qualities and the differences between entering a yoga class or treatment with a whirring or racing mind and leaving with a more settled sense of well-being.  And for anyone else in the world, at some point it’s likely you will have experienced stress, overwhelm, feelings of anxiety, pressure, uncertainty or sadness.  It’s also possible that these states of mind have come with the added pressure that because we’re feeling them, it means we’re not ‘coping’ or that somehow we’re ‘lesser’ than our peers who seemingly navigate the world with ease and tranquillity.

Recognising and accepting ourselves unconditionally can be difficult.  My own experience practicing Yoga has created a structure, and safe space within which I have found acceptance and ever deepening compassion for myself.  It’s been inevitable that those feelings spill over to life off the Yoga mat, which is where my teaching journey began…

In recognition of the power of Yoga in finding self acceptance, and building lasting change within us the amazing Dee Opp has opened her home on the banks of the river Thames for a Charity Yoga Garden Party.  There is an incredible line up of teachers, who all believe that mental health awareness is a high priority in terms of our health and well-being.  That the conversation around mental health should be open, and who acknowledge the benefits of Yoga in this field.

We would love you to join us.  We have a full schedule of Yoga classes, SUP sessions and nourishing food… You’ll find the full line-up and booking details on the flyer below.  All donations, whether you’re able to attend or not, will be gratefully received.


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