Daim Bar Laundering Brownies… Post-modern and possibly gluten-free

What Daim bars?

These brownies represent the emotional wreck that I am this week… In a frenzy of duty-free chocolate buying which went something like this in my mind… “oooh Toblerone, oooh Daim bars, oooh nougat… snap out of it Lauren you don’t even like nougat… but daim bars…Mmmm”  and then I justified the buying of the Daim bars by thinking “it’s really only ever the airport of Ikea that I would buy them, so that amounts to about once or twice a year, so it’s a special treat, right?”…. I ate a handful on the plane until I felt sick… and then tried to fob them off on everyone else… and then, when I got home to the realisation that I had a year’s supply of daim bars and no self-control I went in to panic mode, no amount of yoga or meditation could fix this.  I had to wash the daim bars like dirty cash (I learned about this watching Ozark on Netflix by the way which is really good), transforming them in to something legitimate, something wholesome, something of real value in the world.  So I mixed them with organic eggs and ground almonds and created these post-modern, gluten-free, vegetarian, whole food containing real chocolate brownies.  Now all I have to do is make everyone else eat them… Hopefully you have more self-control than me, but the next time you accidentally bulk buy Daim bars at Ikea or the airport… THIS is your solution…PS making them with children adds virtue.  You’re welcome!



250g organic butter from happy cows

250g organic fair trade sugar from people who actually get paid OK

3 eggs from organic free-range hens that someone loves

200g organic ground almonds from happy trees on holiday in spain

50g fair trade organic cocoa powder, no pesticides please

250g organic dark chocolate

1tsp vanilla extract

Most of the bag of mini Daim Bars…weep… made not with love or care for the environment… I’m so sorry…


Eat me… I’ll make all your dreams come true…



  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180C and butter and line a brownie tin.
  2. Melt the chocolate and 50g butter in a bowl above a boiling pan of water.
  3. Cream 200g butter and all the sugar together.
  4. Add the eggs and then vanilla extract to the butter and sugar and mix.
  5. Allow the chocolate to cool slightly, and in the mean time put the Daim bars in a plastic bag and smash them up with a rolling-pin, be careful not to break the rolling-pin or the worktop at the same time.
  6. Now stir the melted chocolate through the butter / sugar mix and add the almonds and cocoa.
  7. Pour the brownie mixture in the tin… then add the broken Daim bars to the top of the mixture.
  8. Place in the oven for 25 minutes.
  9. Enjoy warm with ice cream (which is a fantasy of mine which I’m not indulging until at least next year)…




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