BWY 500hours

Pregnancy Yoga 60 Hours

KGH Hypnobirthing teacher

Yoga for Cancer 60 Hours

MHFA England (Mental Health First Aid)

Yoga for Mental Health

Yoga for Mental Health

Yoga for Children 40 Hours

Lauren is an intuitive & therapeutic yoga teacher, body worker & writer

Lauren’s bodywork journey began over 25 years ago at university, with Hatha Yoga and Alexander technique supporting her studies as a musician. From there she explored the Iyengar Yoga Institute, bikram yoga, kundalini yoga with Gurmukh & Guru Shabad and finally settled with a regular Ashtanga Yoga practice. Practicing the intermediate series daily her journey came to an abrupt holt when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer and two years later sub-arachnoid brain haemorrhage. From ICU to embodied and somatic movement, Lauren has been teaching yoga since 2015. Her approach is gentle, curious & therapeutic in nature. She is an intuitive and insightful teacher and her classes will leave you feeling relaxed and spacious.


Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation. KGH Hypnobirthing

Hatha Yoga: Encouraging intuitive and re-integrative movement through slow flowing traditional Hatha Yoga poses, breath work & Meditation

Yoga for Cancer, Chronic illness & Palliative Care

Yoga For Mental Health, MHFA England (mental health first aider)

Yoga Nidra (Conscious Sleep): A deeply restorative meditation technique

Columnist at OM Yoga Magazine

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