11899889_10153541803970761_4779303564398393516_n(1)‘Hole Food Family’ is our family cookbook, the way we eat day to day, a homage to wholesome food and a passion for growing, cooking and eating it!

It all comes from a hole in the ground and is inspired by the gaping chasm which opens three times a day demanding to be fed (in fact it returns to a hole in the ground too) “It’s the Circle of life…and it moves us all” OK OK enough about motions.  If you’ve ever spent time with kids you’ll know how urgent that demand can be and noisy too (I’m talking about food), so in a bid to stay healthy, feed us all and avoid too much processing and packaging Hole Food Family was born.

I’m hoping you’ll find some firm favourites to add to your own repertoire, maybe some inspiration, or maybe you can give me a few tips, all posts are open for comment, so let me know what you think!

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