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The entire universe is made up of the five elements, and our bodies are no different.

Find your element is a course of 5 Yoga classes designed to connect us with the Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether (or Space) elements.  Understanding and connecting with how these elements are experienced within us offers us the wisdom and insight to know when they are out of balance, and how to attend to them in order to reinstate balance. 

Each element has its own unique expression within us, it makes up a feeling and an experience.  Each element serves to support and balance the next, ultimately leading to a whole-body experience of homeostasis.  Many of us will resonate with one particular element, we might notice that we feel ‘grounded’ (Earth) or find it easy  to ‘go with the flow’(Water), we might say ‘we’re on fire’ (Fire) when things are going well and we notice rapid transformation or perhaps we feel ‘light-hearted’(Air) or even ‘spacious’ (Ether), each of these states of being relates to an element.  Pay attention to the language you’re using in order to find clues to your own state of being and the element that is dominant in your own constitution.  Notice the people, places, situations and activities you feel drawn to and how they make you feel…. You’ll begin to notice the elemental qualities they resonate with within you and what it is you crave or stay away from.  Noticing empowers us to make choices, and it’s the accumulation of balancing choices which leads to balanced stated of body and mind.

Session 1: Earth

Session 2: Water

Session 3: Fire

Session 4: Air

Session 5: Ether (Space)

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