BlackDogLiving_Graphic (2)W h y   C h o o s e    M a s s a g e ?

Well… if you’re feeling stressed, snappy, tired, tense or finding your mind racing (which is many of us, much of the time), then it’s possible your nervous system is working overtime, creating lots of stress hormones and adrenaline and pumping it through your system in order that you can just keep going.  It’s a great system for fighting sabre-toothed tigers, but not so useful on the school run, in the office or when you’re trying to get to sleep.  Now and again we need a little re-boot (read, have you switched off and on again?), we are actually a little bit like computers and when we switch off, stress is reduced, we feel less tired, tension eases and we discover clarity of mind.

In 30, 60 or 90 minute treatments, your senses will be enveloped with the scent of pure essential oil, the comfort of the massage couch and the sounds of relaxing music.

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