What to Expect

S o   W h a t   S h o u l d   Y o u   E x p e c t   F r o m   Y o u r   M e d i t a t i o n   C l a s s ?

How many times have you said ‘I need to meditate, but I can’t’?  Or felt like it’s something you ‘should’ try but are unsure.  So here are a few rules of thumb you can go by when you come to a ‘Black Dog’ Aroma-meditation session…

  • A comfortable safe space for you and your belongings.
  • To disclose health concerns, injuries or issues to the teacher that may affect your meditation practice.
  • A mixture of focused relaxation exercises in order to sit or lay comfortably and guided breathing, visualisation and sense awareness exercises.
  • A yoga mat, bricks, bolsters and blankets to borrow in order to get comfy.
  • To be able to express concerns or to ask questions to the teacher before and after the practice.
  • To leave feeling well.

W  h a t   S h o u l d   I   W e a r ?

  • Comfortable warm clothing that does not restrict movement. (body temperature can drop during relaxation exercises so if you feel the cold, bring an extra layer and wear cosy socks!

E t i q u e t t e

  • Please arrive on time for 1-1 sessions.  Late arrival will result in the session being cut short (and let’s face it we all need as much relaxation as we can get)
  • Please pay at the start of each session.
  • Have a bottle of water to hand if you need to drink.
  • Turn off phones and electronic devices.

Meditation is very much an experience of the self.  Sometimes it can feel frustrating if we can’t ‘switch off’, sometimes it’s pure bliss.  Accepting your experience without judgement is the point.  There is no right or wrong experience.

LISTEN, to yourself and to the teacher

BREATH, it’s deeply nourishing

GIVE the practice your full attention

TAKE what you learn, off the mat and into your life

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