Autumnal Escape ~ Yoga & Relaxation

15th October 2016, 4pm – 6pm Join Zone In Yoga and Black Dog Living for a gentle 2 hour nurturing autumnal escape at the beautiful Harmony Centre at Ashley CofE School. Nourish your body with a 60 minute slow-flow Yoga led by Hannah, focused on rooting down and connecting with the earth. Indulge your sensesContinue reading “Autumnal Escape ~ Yoga & Relaxation”

Reasons to be healthy, 1…2…3…or Bending over backwards for health!

This is Lupa the Immortal.  Well, technically speaking this is an offspring of Lupa the Immortal, my sourdough starter which came in to being in the very early days of writing this blog (read more in ‘Sourdough, the worlds slowest bread‘).   Lupa spends most of her time in the fridge, slowly fermenting… sometimes she’sContinue reading “Reasons to be healthy, 1…2…3…or Bending over backwards for health!”

5 Tips to Soothe You Off to Sleep…zzzz…

Whether you’re still buzzing from a busy day, or twitching from too much TV… Here are some go to tips to help soothe you off to sleep… 1 )   B a l a s a n a   ( C h i l d ‘ s   P o s e ) This one works for meContinue reading “5 Tips to Soothe You Off to Sleep…zzzz…”

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