HapPie New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  May it be filled with delicious, wonderful loveliness (your pie and your year!) We saw the year out with friends & family and welcomed the new year with a wintry walk in the beautiful surrey countryside.  If like us you’ve over indulged this holiday you’ll be delighted at a pie recipeContinue reading “HapPie New Year!”

It’s the Sweet, Spicy, Splendid Smell of Christmas Eve, The Christmas Ham!

Cooking it all day long is Sooooo Christmas!  It’s a ritual and a tradition on Christmas Eve… It fills the house with sweet smells and warmth.  The whir of the oven warming while the pan bubbles on the hob.  It melts in the mouth once it’s cooked and it’s as good cold as it isContinue reading “It’s the Sweet, Spicy, Splendid Smell of Christmas Eve, The Christmas Ham!”

Rich Chocolate, Cardamom Tarts

“Three, more sleeps”… said my children on the way to bed tonight.  They’re so excited, I’m so excited, we’re all so excited!  We’re officially on holiday!  Fairy lights are blinking everywhere we look, food and drink is stacking up in every conceivable corner along with paper napkins, socks and sneaky chocolate wrappers…  The dog hasContinue reading “Rich Chocolate, Cardamom Tarts”