Roast Garlic & Potato Salad… A Hearty Winter Warmer…

This is a really warming, salty, hearty salad, the kind of salad that winter evenings call for…  We spent the morning hiking around Box Hill, about 6 miles in all up and down, a bit of a mash up of the stepping stones walk, box hill hike, juniper top trail and happy valley trail… ItContinue reading “Roast Garlic & Potato Salad… A Hearty Winter Warmer…”

Halloween Pumpkin Soup with Sourdough Cheddar Croutons

The allotment is getting sleepy… and it’s also getting cold.  It’s hot dogs on the fire and hot chocolate to keep our hands warm while we’re there from now on!  The last of the harvest bounty has come in… and we’ve finally collected the gnarly old pumpkins ready for halloween and ready for pumpkin soup…Continue reading “Halloween Pumpkin Soup with Sourdough Cheddar Croutons”