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Rosemary & Walnut Buckwheat Loaf

Oh hi gluten free buckwheat loaf that takes just 45 mins in the oven.  How are you, you gorgeous indulgent bread friend with benefits? Your herby lusciousness lures me to you… I drizzle you with olive oil and sink my teeth, sumptuously in to your soft nutty loafiness… Can you tell I haven’t had bread in a while?  I’m a conservative grain consumer, saving myself for only the whole and gluten free goodies among the grain family… My gut says thank you – now I’m free of stodge and bloating and my taste buds say thank you – you meet my sweet nutty desires… So for the gluten free among you, or those looking for a quick bread fix, full of nutty buckwheat goodness this is for you… Let me know how you get on… Ingredients: 450g buckwheat flour 50g buckwheat oats 1 tsp sea salt 1 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda (gluten free) 450mls Almond Milk 2 sprigs fresh rosemary large handful of chopped walnuts Method: Preheat the oven to 200C Chop 1 sprig …

Free Healthy Desk Lunch Recipe Ebook

This is exciting!The lovely folk over at Furniture at Work have put together a fab recipe ebook filled with healthy desk lunch ideas.  The ebook contains recipes by a collection of 16 bloggers and includes Hole Food Family’s very own ‘Clean, Lean & Green with Cashew Turmeric Cream’. The ebook is free to download and contains some Gluten Free, Vegan, Seafood, Egg & lunchbox inspiration… Click the link below to download your copy for FREE!  #HealthyDeskLunch Healthy Desk Lunch Recipe Ebook Follow us on facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pintrest Follow my blog with Bloglovin