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New Year Escape – Detoxifying, Uplifting Yoga & Relaxation

Saturday 6th January 2017, 4pm – 6pm, The Harmony Centre, Ashley School, Walton-on-Thames Join Zone In Yoga and Black Dog Living for an uplifting 2 hour New Year Yoga & Relaxation escape… Blending a 60 minute flow featuring deep twists to aid detoxification and a 40 minute guided relaxation using uplifting and cleansing essential oils to get your new year off to a refreshing, healthy start… We’ll end the session with detoxifying herbal teas and fresh juice… Tickets are £25 in advance. To confirm your place please contact Lauren or Hannah: Hannah – / 07767 391324 Lauren – / 07763 135146 Instagram I Twitter I Facebook

HapPie New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  May it be filled with delicious, wonderful loveliness (your pie and your year!) We saw the year out with friends & family and welcomed the new year with a wintry walk in the beautiful surrey countryside.  If like us you’ve over indulged this holiday you’ll be delighted at a pie recipe right now (ahem)!!  If you’re looking at a fridge full of leftover meat though, it’s exactly the recipe you need! And if you have enough space, make it and freeze it for a few weeks until the guilt of the over indulgence has past?!  Here it is though, the last festive recipe of the season before we all get back on the treadmill next week, metaphorically and literally I suspect! Ingredients for the filling (Serves 6): Around 500g leftover meat, for us it was turkey and ham 1 onion 2 cloves crushed garlic 1 carrot 2 leeks 1 tsp black mustard seeds 1 tsp dijon mustard 2 tbsp plain flour 300ml single cream 200ml stock (made from the boiled down …