Winter Solstice Workshop 2021

Join me online via Zoom and in person here in Hayle for a special winter solstice workshop. Join me for a 90 minute workshop, cultivating thanks for the return towards light. We’ll find tools; movement, mindfulness & meditation to connect us with the light within us, all that warms and nourishes us, to use forContinue reading “Winter Solstice Workshop 2021”

Bedtime Rituals…10 minute Yoga & Cultivating Gratitude for the Day…

It’s a ritual I began after my cancer diagnosis. Faced with the fear of dying I suddenly became overwhelmingly grateful for the life I had, albeit with a life threatening disease. I’m now approaching 2 years all clear, but the ritual of gratitude at the end of the day (and sometimes intermittently throughout the day)Continue reading “Bedtime Rituals…10 minute Yoga & Cultivating Gratitude for the Day…”

Join us on Retreat…

Transform & Restore Friday 19th – Sunday 21st October 2018 Join Hannah & Lauren for a transformative autumnal weekend yoga retreat.  Mirroring the season of letting go we will be working with meditation, chant, asana and sankalpa to release old habits and patterns which no longer serve us and to nurture and restore body, mindContinue reading “Join us on Retreat…”

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