Spelt & Honey Split-Tin Loaf

It’s been ages since I’ve made a loaf using commercial yeast, but yesterday was an exceptional day… My boy was home sick, and so was I.  Nursing my sourdough, and getting up to bake it early this morning, was more than I could face.  Plus, being the last week of January we are utterly utterlyContinue reading “Spelt & Honey Split-Tin Loaf”

Spelt Flour Soda Bread & Big Love For an Irish Farmer…

This is about as rewarding as baking gets for me.  Minimum input, for maximum reward!  Quick bread, that looks & tastes amazing! This loaf is organic. Yep.  Organic artisan stoneground flour.  The kind the shop assistant scoffs at (They know my type)…In fact you probably know my type too… and humour my organic buying, harpingContinue reading “Spelt Flour Soda Bread & Big Love For an Irish Farmer…”

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