Thai Green Salad & Prawns

I love prawns, and I think prawns love chillies, garlic and ginger… This is a bit of a salad inspired by a Thai green curry (with prawns).  Really it’s me wanting another curry but thinking I ought to have a salad instead… You see I’d eat a curry in one form or another every dayContinue reading “Thai Green Salad & Prawns”

Roast Garlic & Potato Salad… A Hearty Winter Warmer…

This is a really warming, salty, hearty salad, the kind of salad that winter evenings call for…  We spent the morning hiking around Box Hill, about 6 miles in all up and down, a bit of a mash up of the stepping stones walk, box hill hike, juniper top trail and happy valley trail… ItContinue reading “Roast Garlic & Potato Salad… A Hearty Winter Warmer…”

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