Wild about Garlic (that’s Wild Garlic)…Recipe Share…

If you go down to the woods today, and follow your nose along the river bank, you might notice the pungent smell of wild garlic wafting through the air.  You’ll see it in all it’s woodland growing green glory, carpeting the banks of the river Mole, deep in the woods…  It’s a fairy-tale food, andContinue reading “Wild about Garlic (that’s Wild Garlic)…Recipe Share…”

Superfood makes Superheroes, Quick Fix Pasta & Home made Pesto

Pesto pasta is a regular 5pm meal fix in our house.  Especially when we get home at 4.30, after football, ballet or an afternoon at the park.  I usually grate a bowlful of cheese on the side and add a bowl of pitted green olives.   This week I found a bumper stock of reducedContinue reading “Superfood makes Superheroes, Quick Fix Pasta & Home made Pesto”

Thai Green Salad & Prawns

I love prawns, and I think prawns love chillies, garlic and ginger… This is a bit of a salad inspired by a Thai green curry (with prawns).  Really it’s me wanting another curry but thinking I ought to have a salad instead… You see I’d eat a curry in one form or another every dayContinue reading “Thai Green Salad & Prawns”

A Jerusalem Artichoke Tart and a Naked Autumn Slaw… Oh the scandal!

I know you must all be relieved… I could hear the panic building at the school gates today… “What shall we do with our Jerusalem artichoke glut” you were saying… “wherever shall we find a tasty recipe”… Well, worry no longer… (ahem).  So unless you’re an allotmenteer or, like me, accidentally ordered the ‘fancy’ boxContinue reading “A Jerusalem Artichoke Tart and a Naked Autumn Slaw… Oh the scandal!”

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