Muladhara Chakra

“Get Yourself Grounded and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace”

Steve Goodier

Symbolic Colour:  Red

Element:  Earth

Physical:  Base of Spine

Mental:  Rational thoughts of a logical, structured nature

Emotional:  Feeling safe, grounded, connected and part of something

Mantra:  I am

Affirmation:  I am safe, I am grounded, I am meant to be here

Muladhara Chakra – The Root Chakra

Connecting to our bodies through movement of the feet, legs and buttocks can draw our awareness downwards, and this is the connection we need to make in order to begin the journey of cultivating a healthy balanced relationship with the root chakra.  

The root chakra represents the foundations of our being, the fundamental right we have to be here and take up space in the world.  It becomes, quite literally the foundation from which our energy can grow.  Keeping it nurtured requires us to feel safe and connected enough that we can allow ourselves to take little leaps of faith.  

We need to feel as though we are accepted, we belong and have purpose.  This may come naturally, we might have this feeling cultivated within our family units, or it may be something we have to work on.  Perhaps we find it through being part of an organisation, within our workplace, our yoga classes maybe?  Or within our chosen families, the groups of close friends we have around us.  

How ever we find it, bringing the light of awareness or consciousness to it will empower us to recognise and cultivate when it feels strong, and when it needs support.


Barefoot walking outside. Connecting the feet with the earth and exploring with a sense of curiosity.  The practice can be grounding, bringing all the energy down from the mind and feeling the connection of the feet with the earth.

Yoga Asana

Practice Savasana, laying on the ground on your back.  Feel the weight of the head, shoulders, lower back & legs fully supported.  Feel the earth draw the weight of the body.  Practice Makrasana, laying on the ground on your belly.  Stack the hands under your forehead, connect the big toe joints and allow the heels to fall out to the side.  Become aware of the belly and your connection with earth, feel the belly expand and contract.  Take up to 5 minutes in each pose, or as long as you have time for and feels nourishing.

Breath Work

When we practice breath awareness, we draw our energy inwards, extending the exhale.

For example, breathing in for a count of 4 and out for a count of 6 (or longer if your breath decides), can help to draw awareness and energy downwards within the body.  Very often, when we feel anxious or discombobulated, we have a disconnection from our roots.  Notice how you feel, maybe set a timer for 5 minutes as you practice this breathing technique.


From a comfortable seat, close the eyes.  Begin to visualise the roots of a tree knitting deep and wide with the earth, the tree’s strength and stability comes from a healthy secure root system.  The deeper it’s anchored the more easily it can weather the storm.  The roots extend to fine hair-like ends which draw in nourishment from the earth and up into the trunk of the tree.  Explore this visualisation up into the branches of the tree which extend as high and wide as the roots can support.

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