imageMy aim is to make traditional Hatha Yoga accessible to everyone, whether you’re unsure about starting out or looking to develop your current practice.

Join us in a range of accessible, encouraging and challenging classes fusing physical practice with yoga philosophy.

Click here for the Class Schedule.

For a more targeted practice, whether you’d like to explore what you know with a little more depth, work on specific asana, target certain areas of the body or simply build confidence enough to attend group classes then a one-to-one could be for you.  Contact me for more information.

G e t   i n   t o u c h

If you’re a beginner, a returner or a seasoned yogi and you’re looking for Yoga classes in and around Hersham, Walton, Weybridge, Esher & Cobham please contact me and class information will be emailed directly to you.

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