What to Expect

Your First Yoga Class…

Starting a new class can be daunting, we’ve all been there…  So here are a few things to expect…

  • A comfortable safe space for you and your belongings.
  • To disclose health concerns, injuries or issues to the teacher that may affect your yoga practice.
  • A mixture of physical (asana) work, breathing and relaxation, sometimes we chant, that’s always optional.
  • A range of abilities in the class.
  • Equipment to be provided if you are a new student.
  • To be able to express concerns or to ask questions to the teacher throughout the practice or privately at the end of the practice.
  • To leave feeling well.

What to wear…

  • Comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement.
  • A fitted top may be preferred so that it does not slip up in forward bends or inversions (if taken).
  • Socks should be removed during Asana practice to prevent slipping.
  • The addition of socks and an extra warm layer may be necessary during relaxation.


  • Please arrive early in order to find a comfortable position in the room. The class will be open 15 minutes prior to class starting.
  • Shoes, bags and outdoor clothing should be stored together away from the practice space. Either in the space provided or at the back or sides of the room.
  • Please pay and register at the start of each session.
  • Have a bottle of water to hand if you need to drink.
  • Turn off phones and electronic devices.

Yoga practice is personal, which means the expression of asana will vary from individual to individual.  The experience of breathing and relaxation will vary from session to session and individual to individual.  Please be mindful and non-competitive in your practice.  Try to express asana in a way which suits your body, in order to stay safe and prevent the risk of injury.

LISTEN, to yourself and to the teacher

BREATH, during asana despite the temptation to hold the breath during more challenging positions

GIVE the practice your full attention

TAKE what you learn, off the mat and into your life

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