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Empowered Birth – Hypnobirthing

“Where the mind goes, the body follows”. 

The four week KGH Hypnobirthing course offers a complete antenatal education.

Learning to make decisions free from fear is part of the journey to a positive pregnancy and birth… The power is within you, and my hypnobirthing course aims to connect you with that power.

Empowered birth is not a particular type of birth, but how we feel about birth, and every birth is different.

Week 1: The Logic of Hypnobirthing – Exploring fear, worries & stress, What hypnobirthing is, How the mind works, practical exercises which explore the mind / body connection. The nervous system & cultivating the hormones for birth, The uterus during labour and birth & the role relaxation with practical exercises.

Week 2: Techniques to use – Breathing & visualisation, exploring deeper relaxation, the power of touch, the power of words, positions for birth, the pelvic floor, perineal massage and watching a hypnobirthing birth.

Week 3: Before Birth – Due Dates, Induction, ‘Natural’ Induction, empowering questions, midwives & obstetricians. The onset of labour, Confidence and Power

Week 4: The Birth – Home / Birth Centre / Consultant Led Unit, Note to caregiver, First Stage, Second Stage, Third Stage, Breathing exercises, watching a hypnobirthing birth, Relaxation.

Dates: 6th, 13th, 20th November & 4th December

Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Value: £200 per couple

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Embodying the Elements

3 day yoga residential retreat at Bala Brook, Dartmoor National Park

Thursday 20th – Sunday 23rd April 2023

We are not separate from this Earth, we are of this Earth. Our bodies, minds and emotions are reflective of our circumstances and habits of living. Finding space to step back, process and embody the elements in a balanced way takes deep compassion and regular practice.

Join me as we explore the elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether both through practice and through immersion in the natural surroundings of Bala Brook. Explore how we can become aware of their qualities within us, understanding where imbalances lie and how we can practice to restore balance in order to experience freedom, peace and greater joy.

Price: £425 p.p. includes all food, all yoga & accommodation.

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