My name is Lauren and I hold space to explore yoga, therapeutic movement & meditation.

When we carve out time to be present for ourselves, through awareness, movement, breath work and meditation – we give ourselves a powerful opportunity to find space in body and mind. This space invites us to hold our experiences compassionately, free from judgement, allowing our perspective to shift and the strong hold of the mind or powerful emotion to be diffused, redistributed and rebalanced.

My classes, workshops & retreats use the structure of traditional Hatha Yoga & Yoga Philosophy, as well as therapeutic and exploratory movement, to feel into our bodies safely so that we can begin to find connection, balance and cultivate peace of mind.

Yoga is for everybody, my classes aim to be accessible to all, and all are welcome.

Private & Group Classes are available.

Online & On Demand Yoga


24-hour access to pre-recorded yoga class content

For students & those in need of income support. Please contact me directly for access if this price point is still inaccessible.


24-hour access to pre-recorded yoga class content.

For those with steady and regular income who can meet their financial obligations.


24-hour access to pre-recorded yoga class content (Includes Live Online Class access*)

*Please see schedule for classes which are live streamed

For those with income excess, who regularly save, own their own homes and can afford the extras in life. Your contributions enable me to provide reduced or free access to those who need it.

***Yoga is for everyone so please select the investment that best reflects your current budget.***

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